Website development for EnergyPlus

The company EnergyPlus deals with solar panels and needed a website for its activities, and we helped them with it!


Project goals

  • Make a website that meets modern SEO requirements;
  • Make a simple, modern design;
  • Create a logo and mini brand book;
  • Design the website.

Chosen solutions

  • Next.js - front-end of the site;
  • Blue and white color palette associated with the implementation of work.


  • Start of discussion of the project - 10.02.2023;
  • Start of project implementation - 14.02.2023;
  • Full completion of the entire project - 05.03.2023.


Within a month, the client contacted us and received a published website developed according to modern standards, as well as a simplified version of the brand book and a unique logo.

Customer review

“VEBI team quickly created a high-quality website that meets our goals” - EnergyPlus, 18.05.2023

Website visualizations


Created logo and palette