Midsummer postcard design for Adventus

Adventus ordered us to create a greeting card, we happily completed this project, delighting everyone, the client and his clients!


Project goals

  • Create a greeting card for the Midsummer holidays;
  • Make 2 language versions of the postcard, in English and Latvian;
  • Take into account the design style and rules of the Adventus brand book when creating a postcard.

Chosen solutions

  • Do not use cheese or beer in the visual design, which are quite strongly associated among the target audience in Latvia with the “Ligo” holiday, as this does not fit with the Adventus business style;
  • Create a light, pleasant design for the postcard, since dark colors are not used in the Adventus business style.


  • Start of discussion of the project - 11.06.2024;
  • Full completion of the project - 14.06.2024.


The client was completely satisfied with the high-quality and quickly done work and chose the best postcard option from the options provided.