#Hashify service (diploma work)

A student approached us to create a diploma in which it was necessary to develop a micro service architecture, connecting 3 separate services, but working independently of each other.


Project goals

  • Come up with an idea for a service;
  • Come up with a service design;
  • Write code taking into account the diploma requirements;
  • Layout the front-end part for use.

Chosen solutions

  • React - front-end of the created service;
  • Node.js (Express.js) - for implementing the work of 3 separate services (processing and displaying: popular hashtags, trending pictures and Google search trend by search).


  • Start of the project - 27.03.2023;
  • Project final - 03.04.2023.


The student received all the sources, counseling and successfully completed and defended his diploma, which greatly helped him with graduating the university due to his busy schedule.