Creating VEBI business cards

For convenient networking, VEBI needed business cards and our designers made smart business cards, and also, in a style that matches all VEBI packaging!


Project goals

  • Make an SVG file of business cards, in VEBI style;
  • Make a stylized QR code with the collection of scans statistics;
  • Take into account the nuances of printing business cards to achieve high-quality results.

Chosen solutions

  • CMS VEBI - to implement the collection of conversion statistics using a QR code;
  • CMS VEBI - to implement the replacement ability for links on business cards, even after the business cards are printed;
  • - for creating stylized QR codes;
  • Figma - for creating the vector designs needed to print business cards.


Our designers quickly and efficiently made business cards that correspond to VEBI’s unified business packaging, and also used the free capabilities of the modern technological world to improve the networking process of the VEBI team.