Meet CMS VEBI - a solution designed with one goal in mind: creating an excellent balance between all the critical aspects necessary to successfully run your online business website:



The key feature of the convenience of the solution lies in the very presence of a CMS solution, since a CMS is a system for convenient, quick, and easy creation of pages and maintenance of site content by the administrator, which does not require programming knowledge.

The principle of building pages is implemented using a block system. Blocks are developed either from scratch or based on previous developments, but the design is adapted individually for each client, and there is also the opportunity to develop any necessary block.

For visual verification before changes or publication of any kind of content, there is an administrator mode on the site where the administrator sees published and unpublished content on the site. Additionally, for the convenience of the administrator, the system provides many different useful features such as adding to favorites, copying pages, a help center, personalizing appearance, and much more!

The most noticeable difference from other CMS systems is that when editing the content of a site in our system, the content of an element is immediately visible in all languages of the site. This serves as a guarantee of maintaining the site in all languages according to a single principle, clearly and simply.


SEO is not just a set of technical tricks, it is the language that search engines speak, SEO helps them understand how relevant and valuable the content on your site is to users' search queries. Without SEO, even the most unique and interesting content can go completely unnoticed, which is why we paid exclusive attention to SEO. Our solution includes all modern technical capabilities:

- SSR – server side rendering – allows search engines to analyze all text and links on the site;

- Meta data - Meta title, Meta description, OG image, etc. – individual setting of titles, descriptions and pictures of pages, which help search engines determine the content of pages, and are also displayed when sending a link in messengers;

- Semantic layout - programming according to generally accepted rules so that search engines can correctly recognize the content of the site;

- Ability to set keywords for main pages;

- Creating a Robots.txt file to specify the parameters for scanning the site by robots;

- Creation of sitemap.xml files to indicate all pages of the site;

- Mobile optimization – adaptive design;

- Individual choice of optimization and caching options, taking into account the specifics of the site to achieve maximum site performance;

- If necessary, for online stores we connect JSON-LD to display store product cards in the search engine;

- And also, if necessary, we help our clients set up the Google search console.


Individuality in design helps you stand out from your competitors, making your website recognizable and memorable. This is not just aesthetics - it is a strategic investment, so we never use ready-made design templates, but individually create a personalized design based on the specifics of your activity and the preferences of your target audience, after checking the quality, the designs are connected to the CMS, static website elements and universal blocks, from which the site will be built.


The possibilities are limited only by the client’s budget and the imagination of our designers, since this solution is completely developed by VEBI, we can supplement the solution with any necessary functionality, if it is technically possible and appropriate.

Current key features of the system:

- Working with website pages (creating, copying, hiding, SEO, etc.);

- Site navigation management;

- Construction and filling of website pages using the block system;

- Maintaining a Blog and/or News;

- File manager and storage;

- Administrator mode when viewing the site;

- Link manager (creation of links with redirection and hit counter);

- Help Center;

- Backup;

- Settings (website and CMS);

- Any individual modifications;

- Connection of third-party solutions (for example, Shopify, MailChimp, ClickUp and other API possibilities);

- And much more!


The system is developed exclusively by our team, our qualified developers with all different experiences ensure that the CMS is developed according to modern standards:

- The entire system is written in the TypeScript programming language;

- For the user part, the Next.js framework (React library) is used;

- The Nest.js framework is used for the server part;

- MongoDB cloud database;

- Amazon AWS S3 cloud storage is used to work with files. 

- When logging into CMS VEBI, notifications are sent with login information. Login to the CMS is protected according to modern standards.

The latest stable versions of all libraries and frameworks are used, which minimizes threats. Also, the approach with cloud storage (MongoDB, Amazon AWS S3) allows you to store data on different cloud servers, which increases security (the CMS is stored on a separate server from the user part of the site). In addition, cloud solutions usually provide additional security measures such as data encryption as well as access control mechanisms. For more detailed information, please contact us individually.


The process begins with a discussion of the project with you to draw up a technical specification, and understand the goals of the site, target audience, budget, and time constraints, after which the process of creating your site begins:

- Designers develop the design of static elements (for example, header and footer) and the design of universal blocks, and programmers at this time prepare the technical foundation (~1 week); After creating the design, the design undergoes your confirmation or the necessary changes are made

- As soon as you confirm the design, layout begins (~1-2 weeks); it is possible to fill the site with content; quality checking; demonstration of the work done; possible edits; As a result, publication and delivery of your project to you!

user-friendly CMS interface

Below are images showcasing the interface of our CMS. As mentioned earlier, our CMS was designed with the administrator's convenience in mind, incorporating essential modern functionality to enable easy content management on your site without the need for programming knowledge.