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Service description

Search engine optimization (SEO) of a website is as important as the content that appears on it. Ensuring that your website follows the latest SEO practices is key to improving your rankings in Google and other search engines. VEBI will identify problem areas that may be hindering your growth in the digital sphere, develop recommendations and offer solutions for implementing new SEO technologies that can improve your website conversions and the overall effectiveness of your web project. We can also help with setting up Google Search Console if necessary!

Today’s SEO solutions

  • If necessary, the presence of SSR – server side rendering: which allows search engines to fully analyze all text and links on the site;
  • Meta data: Meta title, Meta description, OG image: the ability to individually customize titles, descriptions and pictures of pages, which help search engines determine the content of pages, and are also displayed when sending a link in messengers;
  • Semantic layout: programming according to generally accepted rules so that search engines can correctly recognize the content of the site;
  • Installed current keywords of the main pages;
  • Availability of the Robots.txt file to specify the parameters for scanning the site by robots;
  • Availability of sitemap.xml files to indicate all pages of the site;
  • Mobile optimization - adaptive design;
  • Caching, taking into account the specifics of the site to achieve maximum site performance;
  • Connecting JSON-LD to display product cards of an online store in a search engine;
  • Setting up Google Search Console.

Pay attention to

  • How competitive is your business niche in the digital environment;
  • SEO is a long-term investment;
  • Does your website comply with current global technological and design trends;
  • How convenient is it to use your web project on mobile devices?
  • Do you plan to use search engine marketing as part of your SEO strategy?

Related services

Successful SEO requires extensive front-end and back-end work to ensure your website is up to date. If you are unsure about your current website state, VEBI offers the following services:

  • UX UI design and research : optimizing your website for easy navigation and use, while achieving the necessary business goals;
  • Web development : optimization and improvement of your website from a technical point of view to comply with global trends;
  • Web design : website design updates to better retain visitors on it.