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Service description

Maintenance and content management will include an individually developed list of actions to maintain your web project, taking into account its specifics. Maintenance and upkeep may include:

1. Regular content updates: information, news, articles, and other materials;

2. Content management - adding, changing and deleting information;

3. Performance monitoring - periodic assessment of the performance of a web project to identify potential improvements and develop solutions for improvement;

4. Timely development of recommendations for updating design and UX - periodically assessing the compliance of the design with modern needs and trends;

5. Various maintenance - timely maintenance, taking into account the specifics of the project, as well as including software updates, security patches, etc.;

6. Periodic data backup - backing up data to prevent loss of information in case of failures or attacks of your web project;

7. Ensuring security - setting up and maintaining SSL encryption, regular security audits and threat monitoring;

8. User support - providing effective user support, including answering queries, resolving problems and providing required information;

9. Testing and debugging - testing of new functions and updates, as well as debugging to identify and eliminate possible errors;

10. Performance optimization - identifying opportunities to optimize website performance, reducing page load times and ensuring accessibility...

Pay attention to

  • Develop a list of necessary maintenance and content activities, taking into account the specifics of your web project;
  • Assess the necessary regularity of these activities;
  • Review possibility of developing service automation;
  • Consider the possibility of delegating content management to the VEBI team.

Related services

  • Technical support : ensuring reliable operation of the website and prompt response to possible problems;
  • SEO : making improvements to optimize the website's visibility in search engines.