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Service description

Hosting and domain name registration are fundamental steps in starting your web project. VEBI offers reliable hosting solutions, registration, setup and help to choose the right domain name, ensuring the stability and availability of your site.

A secure hosting and well-chosen domain is a guarantee that your site will be memorable and available to your customers at any time.

Pay attention to

  • When changing hosting, be sure to check what is connected to the hosting (website, email, etc.) to avoid interruptions in your activities;
  • Hosting should be selected according to specifications (throughput, cost, certain functions, safety, etc.);
  • Choosing the shortest possible domain name that reflects the essence of your business;
  • Think about the scalability of the hosting plan for the future growth of your project.

Related services

  • Technical support : rapid response to possible technical hosting issues;
  • Testing : checking the throughput - load before releasing the project.

Helpful information

About choosing a domain:

1. Relevance:

  • Strive for a domain name that reflects the essence of your project or business;
  • Avoid complex and confusing names so that visitors can easily remember your domain.

2. Ease of remembering:

  • Avoid long and complex domain names;
  • Use words that are easy to pronounce and memorable.

3. Domain extensions:

  • Consider different domain extensions (.com, .net, .org), and choose the one that best suits your purposes;
  • The .lv extension can only be registered on the website.

4. Registered trademarks:

  • Check for registered trademarks for your chosen domain to avoid legal issues.

5. Future Expansion:

  • If possible, choose a domain that leaves room for future expansion of your business.

About choosing a hosting:

1. Performance:

  • Take care of the high performance of your hosting servers;
  • Find out what resources (CPU, RAM) are provided.

2. Reliability:

  • Research ratings and reviews about the reliability of the hosting provider;
  • Find out how often your data is backed up.

3. Technical support:

  • Check what technical support is provided – 24/7 support is important.

4. Download speed:

  • Evaluate the site's loading speed, as this is an important factor in optimizing the user experience.

5. Price and conditions:

  • Compare prices and packages from different hosting providers;
  • Check the terms of service and possible additional costs.

6. Scalability:

  • Make sure that your hosting provider provides the ability to scale resources as your site grows.

7. Security:

  • Make sure the hosting provides security features such as SSL certificates and DDoS protection.