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Service description

At VEBI, we understand the importance of content management systems (CMS) and customer relationship management systems (CRM) in maintaining a successful digital business environment. Thanks to modern solutions and integration capabilities that we can improve your processes and increase the level of interaction with customers, one of such solutions is our VEBI CMS , which is now used to fully manage the site you are on. An individual approach to the selection or development of solutions suitable for you - CMS and CRM systems will provide centralized management of website content, customer data and interactions, which will positively affect overall efficiency and conversions.

Pay attention to

  • Carefully determine the required CMS/CRM functions that meet business needs;
  • Decide on the process for training employees on new systems to minimize short time barriers.

Related services

Web development : create a site that is fully adapted to the selected CMS;

IT consulting : get recommendations for choosing the best CMS/CRM system for your business.