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Service description

Bot development is a modern solution for automating communication with clients. VEBI provides bots development, that can improve your service processes and communicate more effectively with your audience.

Bots can help you automate FAQs, reduce query processing time, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Examples of using various chatbots and bots

1. Customer service:

  • Answers to frequently asked questions;
  • Help in solving different problems;
  • Providing information about products and services.

2. Online sales:

  • Helping users choose products;
  • Placing orders and processing payments;
  • Providing information about the availability of goods.

3. Marketing:

  • Newsletter, promotions and special offers;
  • Collecting reviews and feedback from clients;
  • Conducting surveys and research.

4. Education:

  • Assistance in teaching and supporting students;
  • Providing information about courses and training programs;
  • Conducting testing and knowledge testing.

5. Healthcare:

  • Providing information about symptoms and treatment;
  • Reminder to take medications;
  • Supporting patients in the rehabilitation process.

6. Task and project management:

  • Creation and management of tasks;
  • Reminder about deadlines;
  • Personalized recommendations to improve productivity.

7. Guide and navigation:

  • Providing location and route information;
  • Search for nearby facilities (restaurants, hotels, etc.).

8. Personnel records management:

  • Filling out employee questionnaires;
  • Providing information about company policies and benefits;
  • Registration of leaves and requests from employees.

9. Entertainment:

  • Conducting quizzes and games;
  • Conversations and communication for entertainment;
  • Providing recommendations for movies, music, books, etc.

10. Banking and financial services:

  • Checking balance and transactions;
  • Assistance in making transfers and payments;
  • Providing financial analytics and advice.

Pay attention to

  • Identify the main scenarios for using the bot;
  • Refine integration with your CRM system for efficient data management;
  • Regular updates of the bot are desirable to suit changing needs of the audience.

Related services

  • Technical support : ensure stable operation of the bot and solve possible technical problems preventively;
  • Copywriting : creating effective texts to automate responses and improve their accuracy.