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Service description

The easiest way for customers to recognize your brand is through a concise and memorable logo. VEBI provides professional graphic design services to create a unique and adaptable logo that will stand out from your competitors in the market.

What may be included in logo creation?

  • Logo design with slogan;
  • Logo design without slogan;
  • Simplified logo design - emblem design (used in the site favicon, etc.);
  • Color options for logos and emblems (black and white, gray, etc.);
  • Creating a color palette for your brand.

Pay attention to

  • Desired visual style;
  • Brand identity elements to display in the logo;
  • Any ideas and concepts.

Related services

Designing a logo for your brand requires a well-developed brand identity, which is why we recommend considering the following services:

  • Brand book creation : advanced creation and strengthening of your brand identity;
  • Social media pack design : ensuring your brand is represented consistently throughout different mediums of interaction with customers.

Helpful information

  • Brand research: before you start working on a logo, thoroughly understand your brand, its values, mission and unique features. The logo must reflect and support the overall brand image;
  • Target audience: consider the interests and preferences of your target audience. The logo should be attractive and understandable to your target group of consumers;
  • Simplicity and memorability: create a logo that is easy to remember and recognizable. Simplicity helps ease of perception, and memorability contributes to successful branding;
  • Uniqueness: avoid using standard templates and popular solutions. Your logo should stand out and be unique;
  • Scaling: make sure your logo will look good in a variety of sizes, from large billboards to small business cards;
  • Color palette: choose colors that match your brand and evoke the right emotions. Avoid unnecessary color complexity;
  • Typography: if your logo uses text, choose a font that is readable and appropriate. The text in the logo should be easy to understand;
  • Adaptability: consider how your logo will look on different surfaces and materials, including in black and white;
  • Modern and timeless: avoid using fashion trends that can become outdated quickly. Your logo should be time-resistant;
  • Positive perception: make sure that the logo evokes positive emotions in your audience and matches the overall perception of your brand;
  • Testing: before finalizing the logo, test it among the target audience and collect feedback;
  • Ease of replication: consider how easy it will be to reproduce your logo on different materials and in different formats;
  • Avoiding complex parts: avoid unnecessarily complex parts, especially if they will not be clearly visible in small sizes;
  • Consistency with brand strategy: the logo should be consistent with the overall brand strategy and use elements that are specific to your company;
  • Legal considerations: make sure your logo does not infringe on other companies' copyrights and register it to protect your rights.