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Service description

A brand book, or a brand guide, is a fundamental document that ensures the consistency of your brand across multiple elements like messaging, visuals, and typography. A solid brand book also serves as a guide to relevant stakeholders who will be working with your brand. VEBI offers a complete brand book creation service to build your brand identity from the ground up, including developing your brand voice characteristics, assembling a color palette, and writing down guidelines for logo usage.

What may be included in creating a brand book?

1. Logo:

  • Logo options (color, black and white, minimal);
  • Cut-off zones and minimum logo sizes;
  • Rules for use on various backgrounds.

2. Color palette:

  • Primary and additional brand colors;
  • Color codes (eg Pantone, RGB, CMYK);
  • Examples of using colors in design.

3. Typography:

  • Determining fonts to be used in headings and body text;
  • Recommendations for font sizes and spacing.

4. Graphic elements:

  • Examples of the use of graphic elements such as lines, textures and backgrounds;
  • Stylization of images and illustrations in accordance with the brand.

5. Image types:

  • Recommendations for using photographs and graphics in accordance with the brand;
  • Examples of photo styles that reflect the company's image.

6. Tone and style of communication:

  • Recommendations for writing and communication style;
  • A tone of voice that matches the brand.

7. Examples of brand application:

  • Templates for various types of materials (brochures, presentations, website, etc.);
  • Examples of brand use in various contexts.

8. Lines and shapes:

  • Graphic elements and shapes that can be used in material design.

9. Social media and online presence:

  • Recommendations for using a brand on social networks;
  • Templates for profiles and covers.

10. Brand Legend:

  • Brief description of the brand, its values and history.

Pay attention to

  • Necessary contents of the brand book;
  • Brand’s purpose and values;
  • Businesses’s unique value proposition;
  • Your current brand identity;
  • Stakeholders that will need access to the brand book.

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To strengthen your brand identity and start applying the brand book guidelines to your business, we recommend the following services offered by VEBI:

  • Logo design : designing a memorable logo your customers will recognize;
  • Copywriting : applying brand voice and tone in your text.