Semand SERP-marketing

The Semand car headlight repair workshop in Latvia needed promotion in the digital environment to attract orders and turned to us for help with this.


Project goals

  • Maximize the number of orders using a very limited budget;
  • Experiment with advertising campaign settings to maximize effectiveness.

Chosen solutions

  • Google Ads - for promotion in the Google search engine and on sites of Google Ads partners.


  • Start of discussions on the project - 23.05.2023;
  • Workshop advertising starts - 29.05.2023;
  • The end of advertising campaigns - 31.06.2023.


The client achieved the desired increase in the number of orders for headlight repairs, but unfortunately the increase in orders is unknown to us.

Advertising results in Latvian (CPA = 0,27 EUR)


Advertising results in Russian (CPA = 0,14 EUR)