MaksV SERP-marketing

After implementing a complete update of the MaksV website, it was decided to accelerate its popularization among the target audience interested in real estate in Latvia.


Project goals

  • Quickly increase website traffic;
  • Bring targeted traffic to the site;
  • Adapt campaign settings during the campaign for best results.

Chosen solutions

  • Google Ads - for promotion in the Google search engine.


  • Launch of advertising in Latvian - 21.08.2023;
  • Launch of advertising in Russian - 28.08.2023;
  • Complete suspension and delivery of the project - 20.11.2023.


The client was very satisfied with the amount of targeted traffic attracted to the site for a very low budget. The advertising campaign helped promote the site in the Google search engine and generate an organic flow of users after the end of the advertising campaign.

Advertising results in Latvian (CPC = 0,09 EUR)


Advertising results in Russian (CPC = 0,10 EUR)