Website development for MaksV

Creating a website is an integral part of modern business, MaksV understood this and turned to VEBI to quickly create it in a place with a personal CMS !


Project goals

  • Create a website design taking into account the client’s preferences;
  • Implement website design;
  • Connect the site to a personal management system.

Chosen solutions

  • Next.js - front-end of the site;
  • MongoDB - website database.


  • The beginning of the implementation of the set goals - 18.04.2023;
  • Full delivery of a project - 31.05.2023.


The client was very satisfied with the speed and quality of the services provided and is actively using the created website to achieve his strategic business goals.

Customer review

“I love the speed of the site, customer just called me to quickly ask what our price is, it took me exactly as long as it took me to click on the left mouse button 3 times and write 49 in the search bar. It’s like a huge Excel table, only beautiful and works even faster, because it’s immediately clear where to look” - MaksV - Robert Belomoin, 13.06.2023