Calendar front-end dev for EKA university

EKA university is continuously improving its technical infrastructure and its presence in the digital sphere, an event calendar system for students and teachers was developed, and we were contacted to create the front-end part of it.


Project goals

  • Create visualizations for the calendar design and obtain approval;
  • Write html code for displaying a calendar, which will be used on an existing website;
  • Write CSS styles for the calendar;
  • Make sure adaptability and performance before integration;
  • Submit the html and CSS sources to the technical representative of the university.


  • Start of implementation of project goals - 08.06.2023;
  • The final delivery of the project - 09.06.2023.


Having quickly received the necessary information from the technical representative, we were able to immediately begin implementing the front-end part of the calendar and, having completed all goals, successfully delivered the project to the client in 2 days!