Darolv.eu e-mail migration to Nano.lv hosting

To optimize costs and increase the efficiency of Daro's business activities, it was decided to change hosting, for this, a Daro representative turned to the VEBI team.


Project goals

  • Transfer the mail infrastructure of the Darolv.eu domain from the current hosting to the new nano.lv hosting. Set up DNS records, create mailboxes on the new hosting, configure SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) and other necessary protocols for mail operation;
  • Transfer the project to another hosting, move files and databases of a website on the WordPress platform. Copy site files (templates, images, scripts, etc.) from the current hosting to the new one, as well as export and import WordPress databases;
  • Migrate MySQL database so that all data used in conjunction with WordPress (such as posts, settings, users, etc.) is transferred to the new hosting. Export MySQL databases from current hosting and import them to new hosting;
  • After transferring the files and database, set up a new environment on nano.lv hosting. Install and configure the necessary software, libraries, etc., make sure that the project works correctly on the new hosting.


  • Start of discussion of the project - 11.08.2023;
  • Start of implementation of project goals - 13.08.2023;
  • The final delivery of the completed migration - 16.08.2023.


The client was completely satisfied with the work done, which was carried out by the VEBI team, in a relatively short time and without mistakes.