C-BLOK business Gmail setup

After creating the site, it was decided to create commercial mail for the construction company C-BLOK to carry out business activities and they contacted us.


Project goals

  • Together with the customer, consider various business mail options;
  • Set up the selected business email;
  • Work quality check;
  • Consult about its use.

Chosen solutions

  • Google Workspace (Google business Gmail) was recommended to the client, taking into account his needs for business mail, and also because this solution has a number of strong advantages: an actively developing and supported product, greater ability to customize users and almost unlimited storage and scaling capabilities.


  • The beginning and end of the project - 21.09.2023.


The client was satisfied with the service provided, a well-chosen and customized solution that will allow for an integral business process - communication with clients in the digital environment.