Aquila - trading bot

A private trader ordered us to create a personal trading automation and management system to simplify and centralize activities.


Project goals

  • Automate trading strategy;
  • Create a unified web system for managing automated trading;
  • Develop the ability to collect and display trading statistics;
  • Connect the trading system to the exchange.

Chosen solutions

  • Tradingview, PineScript - for writing and implementing a script for detecting signals for entering and exiting a trade;
  • MongoDB - database for a management system;
  • Node.js (Express.js) - back-end systems;
  • React - front-end centralized management system;
  • Binance API - for automated execution of transactions;
  • Telegram BOT API - for implementing two-factor authentication in the management system and receiving notifications about automatic system actions.


  • Start of discussion of the project - 17.02.2023;
  • Analysis of suitable solutions - 20.02.2023;
  • Start of development of the entire project - 29.02.2023;
  • Complete delivery of the project to the client - 14.04.2023.


The client received a working system in which he could conduct and pause trading, change transaction settings, adjust strategy parameters, and view transaction statistics. The speed and quality of implementation impressed the client.