VEBI website design

The VEBI team has completely updated the site and created a new unified style that will be easily recognizable by you and will contribute to an easier and more pleasant perception of information about our services and products!


Project goals

  • Create an attractive, beautiful, confident website for a digital agency;
  • Create a unified style when updating the website design, fix it and adhere to it in other business processes;
  • Take user experience with VEBI to the next level.

Chosen solutions

  • The accent color is fuchsia - because fuchsia is often associated with joy, happiness and love. The shade gives a feeling of comfort and coziness, which can help reduce stress and anxiety. It can also cause a surge of creativity, stimulate creative brain activity and imagination;
  • Simple, minimalistic design to better suit the majority of the target audience;
  • Abstract objects - to create a unique, memorable style and emphasize the fact that the VEBI team is not afraid to experiment.


The VEBI team has created a single, new, own, unique, memorable style and website, which the overwhelming majority of people respond to extremely positively! Thank you for your strong preference for good design!

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