Rinvest website design

A startup team that deals with real estate needed a website design that would meet their needs and reflect a modern approach to their activities.


Project goals

  • Complete the entire project as quickly as possible;
  • Create a modern website design layout for the PC version that suits the needs of the team, entirely at the discretion of the designers from the VEBI team;
  • Come up with a business name.

Chosen solutions

  • Minimalistic rounded design to match modern trends;
  • Figma - for creating a website layout design;
  • The proposed name Rinvest reflected the essence of the team’s activities and was available on popular social networks, as well as as a domain name with the prefix “.com”.


  • Project start - 10.04.2023;
  • The analysis was carried out and the name was chosen - 11.04.2023;
  • Full completion of the project - 13.04.2023.


As a matter of priority, the order was completed in the shortest possible time and the startup team met all expectations, receiving a complete design layout of the site and the name they liked - Rinvest.