Albert College website redesign

Albert College approached us with the goal of updating the design of their website, creating a modern, simple and unified style that would be more suitable for attracting the target audience - young students.


Project goals

  • Analyze the technical capabilities of the content management system used;
  • Develop a design that suits the target audience's preferences;
  • When developing a design, take into account the technical capabilities of the control system to avoid its modifications and changes.

Chosen solutions

  • Minimalistic, unified, modern design;
  • The color palette was not changed as it was decided that this was not necessary;
  • Figma - for creating website redesign options.


  • Start of implementation of project goals - 26.05.2023;
  • Delivery of the first layout - 29.05.2023;
  • Submission of various options, taking into account the desired changes - 01.06.2023;
  • The complete completion of the project - 05.06.2023.


The client received ready-made website design layouts, fast provision of services and was satisfied with the result. Due to a large number of different factors, it was not possible to immediately begin updating the site.