ILUXSIIR logo design

An Estonian professional women's cosmetics store contacted us to create a logo that would create the desired impression of the brand and reflect the client's idea.


Project goals

  • By creating various logo options, achieve the necessary result to form the desired impression of the brand and reflect the client’s ideas;
  • Create all the necessary files, variants and combinations of the logo that the store may need to implement its activities, such as: favicon, Meta OG link picture (displayed when sending a link in messengers), full logo with slogan, abbreviated versions of the logo, emblem, in different colors solutions.

Chosen solutions

  • Stage 1 - creation of 5 preliminary sketches of the logo in 4 different colors, receive comments and ideas from the client;
  • Stage 2 - after communication with the client, it was decided to make 2 new options for our taste and 2 options according to the client’s idea, this time in 2 color solutions, demonstration to the client;
  • Stage 3 - the client liked the option with a butterfly, but it was necessary to choose a more suitable color scheme, so we created various options that we sent to the client for approval;
  • Stage 4 - the final completion of creating the logo, creating the necessary options and files, transferring all SVG files to the client.

  • Adobe Illustrator - for creating universal SVG files;
  • Figma - for working with SVG files.


  • Start of the project, logo creation - 04.06.2024;
  • Sending the first results - 06.06.2024;
  • Dispatch of the second stage - 07.06.2024;
  • Departure of the third stage - 11.06.2024;
  • Sending the finished logo pack - 12.06.2024.


The client was satisfied with the services provided, the quality, speed and initiative of our team. We transferred all SVG files and notified the client that the logo files will continue to be stored with us in case of loss or need to make changes.