Handly logo design

A company involved in charitable activities, collecting clothes throughout Sweden for reuse in other countries around the world, turned to us to help them create the best logo for their activities.


Project goals

  • Create different versions of the logo that reflect the essence of the activity;
  • Reflect the essence of donation, environmental friendliness and mutual assistance;
  • For the chosen option, make an emblem, a standard logo and a full one, with a slogan.

Chosen solutions

  • The use of hands in logo options is associated with a helping hand - charity;
  • Using heart shapes to associate with mutual aid;
  • Using different options to reflect environmental friendliness using arrows and hands;
  • Adobe Illustrator - for creating universal SVG files.


  • Project start - 27.04.2023;
  • Full completion of the project - 16.05.2023.


The customer received all source files in SVG format.